PATRONYM teaser issue

December 28, 2013 ☼ BooksPublished Elsewhere


I’ve gotten a few questions about our holiday zine exchange and what I put together so I figured I’d post it here.

PATRONYM is a photonovella-style story about a rich industrialist’s last wishes in a post-famine world.

Anyway, enjoy it, complete with mock-inside-front-cover-ad, after clicking through.

Patronym (1)Patronym (1)Patronym (2)Patronym (2)Patronym (3)Patronym (3)Patronym (4)Patronym (4)Patronym (5)Patronym (5)Patronym (6)Patronym (6)Patronym (7)Patronym (7)Patronym (8)Patronym (8)Patronym (9)Patronym (9)Patronym (10)Patronym (10)Patronym (11)Patronym (11)Patronym (12)Patronym (12)Patronym (13)Patronym (13)Patronym (14)Patronym (14)Patronym (15)Patronym (15)