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June 22, 2018 ☼ Exotic ResearchPublished ElsewhereTechnologyTravel

Illustration by Baimu for Yorokubo

Well, my research project on El Paquete Semanal is finally out in the world, and I’m happy people are digging into the content. I got to know EP and understand the cultural context over the course of two trips to Cuba, and really appreciate how the system has grown up under the island’s unique constraints. Take a look at the report and some more analysis from Quartz, which featured it as an Obsession,” or Reddit, where it came up

Meanwhile, if you read Spanish, the artsy-future magazine Yorokubo hit me up for an interview, from which I nabbed the neat illustration above, as well as Cuban-ish ((I’m not sure where on the Granma Spectrum it falls)) site Isla Local. The work was also cited in an r/science discussion on Reddit, and caught the attention of Czech publication Technet.

Meanwhile, loads of cool folks tweeted about the project. Thanks for the support, everyone.

Really great story about whats in “el paquete”, Cuba’s homegrown sneaker net samizdat service. Great example of the Cuban genius for the creative workaround.

— Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ) March 15, 2018

Inside Cuba's El paquete semanal, a weekly 1TB dump of copyrighted media: absent of broadband, industrious…

— (@waxy) March 13, 2018

In Cuba, there’s an underground network for content distribution called “El Paquete.” It’s like Netflix and Spotify without the Internet. Super interesting @Qz Obsession email from @adampasick and @jessanne today.

— Simone Stolzoff (@SimoneStolzoff) March 16, 2018

Amazing. As we say in Spanish, la necesidad es la madre de la invención.
"Inside El Paquete, Cuba’s Social Network"

— Sergi de Pablos 🇪🇺 (@sdepablos) March 15, 2018

Fascinating sneaker net: “Inside El Paquete, Cuba’s Social Network” by @paryshnikov
/via @EthanZ

— Camron Assadi (@teiwaz) March 15, 2018