Internet, meet Pat Kiernan; Pat Kiernan, Internet

blatantly borrowed from ny mag
blatantly borrowed from ny mag

I’m entirely happy my favorite NYC newscaster and true-blue journalist, Pat Kiernan, has launched his own site, Pat’s Papers, where he’s been basically vlogging the biggest stories in the day’s newspapers.

All ye lucky ones who have seen New York’s Best Canadian on NY1 know “In the Papers” is a daily staple for thousands. Some people don’t get it—‘So, wait,’ they say, ‘he just reads the newspapers? What’s so special about that?’

But there’s something to starting your day with Kiernan, where he’s basically briefing you with a calm voice and dry wit, that’s confident and friendly—it’s one of those New York things, like knowing the names of your coffee cart guy’s kids, that lets you tame parts of this wild beast “In the Papers” always feels like such a valuable segment, a sort of hidden thing giving you a little bit of a boost as you go about your morning business.

While the first couple webisodes don’t have the rhythm Kiernan has on the teevee (probably due to NY1’s production team and those forgiving studio lights) I’m subscribed, and anxious to see him expand into this new format.

Of course, this raises a whole greater slew of theoretical brain busters. Like, wait, so he’s reading newspapers, on the Internet?

Just relax, and let Kiernan into your life. A great profile him was published earlier this year in the Observer—give it a read.

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  1. Love it, thanks for the tip. I’m subscribing to his feed now.

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