Pas du gurn

From the latest Earplug and Flavorpill:

Artist: Various
Title: Shut Up and Dance! Updated
Label: Ostgut Ton
Release: May 29

Berghain and ballet: at first the terms suggest a pansexual pirouette in the half-light of the Berlin nightspot. In actuality, the Staatsballett Berlin and the club’s Ostgut Ton label have afforded five electronic-music producers a chance to move the crowd in a new way รณ through a choreographer. It’s difficult to listen to the unpredictable cultural meld of Shut Up and Dance! Updated and not play armchair Martha Graham. Nsi.’s “Bridge and Tunnel People” moves on the jagged zags of the midrange, at once spasmodic and locked to the beat. Sleeparchive’s unrepentant bareness leaves wide range for the imagination to unfurl, as plodding bass drags against insistent highs. Ame twists on the shimmering “Fiori,” while Luciano treats “Drunken Ballet” to a Senor Coconut-like arrangement, with “ooh ah” vocals and tippy-toe twinkles. Maurizio’s remix of “Drunken Ballet” is slated for a September release; stay tuned to see if the club lifts its “no camera” policy to allow documentation of this exciting union.

I also tipped this small pleasure of mine, Specialten, in the ‘plug;

The 19th issue of Specialten, a DVD survey of current visual culture, has arrived chock full of its usual cornucopia of music, art, and film. Each issue’s packaging, booklet, and exclusive print are commissioned by different designers, allowing for a constantly shifting identity that lifts the content, rather than its container, to the forefront. Issue 19 brings two hours of entertainment, including an interview with seasoned photographer Timothy Saccenti, who has most recently defined the look of Warp Records’ Battles with his album-cover and video shoots; a survey of work by Clemens Kogler, who made a mark with his dry infograph on modern life, “Le Grand Content”; and music videos from Headman, Deerhoof, and Clark, as well as interviews with Junior Boys and Bonde do Role. If your broadband is a-flowin’, check out Specialten’s recent addition, Specialten.TV, a larger net with which the group is culling dynamite online content.

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