Oh Wighnomys.

My favorite technarchists from Jena are back with a great mix.

But Metawuffmischfelge? What does that mean? Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask (along with a technical Q):

from Wighnomy Brothers
reply-to Wighnomy Brothers
to nick
date Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 1:59 AM
subject AW: a quick question for Gabor…

good morning nick …

i recorded the vinyls but i mixed the hole stuff in the computer!
metawuffmischfelge? it´s a fantasy word!


…in other news…a cool change at earplug; DJ charts now include bits about the records written by the DJs charting them. And no one knows why dance records work better than those playing them to make people dance. The linked installment is from Justin Simon aka Invisible Conga People (on Italians Do It Better). Don’t confuse him with Mike Simonetti, IDIB’s founder (and I’d say one of the people instrumental in getting those punk kids dancing when he was doing Troubleman). One of my favorite reads, Cosmic Disco, did an interview with Mike and is hosting a guest mix I’ve been enjoying. Check ‘er out.

ze texte: Metawuffmischfelge doesn’t seem like it should be the Wighnomy Brothers’ first commercial mix CD. The duo’s sprawling productions and remixes have always felt more like miniature club sessions, swinging from tech-house to minimal to dub while making clicky minces of the originals. Foregoing a more traditionally linear approach, the mix pulls together a balanced, cohesive hour, smartly sequenced and looping back upon itself. With the dour strings of Agoria’s “Les Violons Ivres,” Metawuffmischfelge (“a fantasy word,” according to Gabor Schablitzki, the only Wighnomy given selection and mixing credit) takes an elaborate pass through several emotional states. It goes on to touch beachside points from Trentemøller & DJ T.O.M. (“An Evening with Bobi Bros”), while making casual reference back to Mathias Kaden’s percussive “Rhythma.” Instead of offering a 68-minute, peak-hour slice, it’s the kind of mix that begs to be stretched into a four or five hour set.

One thought on “Meta-WTF?

  1. Just got this – loving the hell out of it. First track sounds very Streets of Rage background music, which is never a bad thing.

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