From the Archives: Listener Defined Noise

Wighnomy Brothers
“3 Fashmich” (FAT 019)
Freude Am Tanzen (Germany)
March 2005

Someone’s had a baby! I’m not sure which Brother’s spawn is staring out from Fat 19, but he says hello on the first bit of the A side, and is the namesake of the main track, “pele bloss” (“pele only”?). It’s a fairly straightforward number with an acid thwomp in the mids and a nice flutter. I haven’t been playing that track as much, instead the B1, “freiekksemplar,” a bare chug-a-lug wrapped around the smiley critter above. The breakdown near the end, one of several, has a disembodied, random piece of sampling, “Alfred Lord Tennyson reads from his own poems, first the ‘Charge of the Light,'” just after which the spare beat comes back briefly. The B2, “caput 1” is described as “omar sharifs winterm‰rchengewand,” which Babel Fish calls “winter fairy tale garb,” and is a short vocal sample where someone, presumably Omar Sharif, talks about dancing. That’s about all I can get without much German.

Tomas Andersson
“Washing Up” (BPC 108)
BPitch Control (Germany)
May 2005

By some cosmic hilarity, both this record and the Saddam Hussein in his underpants on the front page of America’s favorite despot showed up on Friday morning. The record went on first, then my coffee nearly came out my nose when I saw the paper. Like the Hasselhoffian Recursion, I was shocked and hypnotized, paralyzed for a good six minutes while the two scoured my soul. I snapped back into consciousness when the needle hit the label, averted my eyes, and tried to get on with my life.

The Tiga remix, on the side pictured, strikes me as do papers who won’t print the actual pictures, rather pictures of citizens reading papers who do. The original is still visible, yet your criticisms or analyses over the legitimacy of the act of printing are thrown out because you printed it anyhow. Now the photo has no mystique, and is not suitable for home display. A shoddy effort, adding some congas, a vocal sample and calling it a day.

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