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VidPik! Compression-wacky pop!

Here’s the daily jam, and it’s not even noon!

Chairlift “Evident Utensil”

You should definitely click through and watch this in HD. Datamoshing!

Here’s how it works (according to teraflop on the MeFi thread): “video codecs like MPEG-4 use motion compensation to cut down on the bit rate. Only a few keyframes of the video are encoded in full, about one every few seconds; the rest (“predicted” frames) store a rough estimate of how much each block of pixels has shifted since the previous frame, along with just enough actual pixels to make up the difference between the estimate and the real picture. So if there’s a single moving object on a static background, all that needs to be stored is the area of the background that’s been uncovered since the previous frame.

In this case, what I suspect they did is encode their raw video clips with no keyframes (except the very first one), then spliced them together, so the decoder applies the motion vectors to the wrong original image. It looks like they also duplicated the same frame several times in some places, to get those swirls of color.”

The vid was directed by Ray Tintori of the amazing “Electric Feel” interactive video for MGMT. Tintori’s doing some really exciting stuff lately.

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