Break these chains…

I’ve become accustomed to having Google’s technologists be one step ahead of my brain in terms of new web items. I get riled about the lack of email storage, along comes Gmail. Bummed about IM-blockers in the office? Gmail chat. Lately I’ve been wondering how to keep a synchronization between the dozens of cool things I scope at the office daily and my surfing at home. There’s clearly no way to follow up on every strange link that comes across the Internet (especially since I’m such a dedicated employee, pathologically averse to letting nonsense gnaw at productivity), so logging the things that get sent over IM, served up in my newsfeed reader (FeedDemon, if you were wondering) and mailed over is a high priority. I toyed with running Firefox, Gaim and other things on a USB drive and bringing it home and doing the same from the laptop but the lab rats at Google came to the rescue again with Browser Sync. Basically you install it in Firefox and it keeps your history, bookmarks, extensions etc in line between several machines.

‘What does this mean for me?’ you ask? Well, it makes it easier for me to dump a bunch of links to wild and crazy stuff on you. So enjoy.

Since it’s mostly video stuff I won’t turn this page into a monstrosity by embedding every one. Here goes.

I’m from Barcelona, a Swedish pop army sing their hit “We’re from Barcelona.”

Adam’s got a secret.

The Knife play “We Share Our Mother’s Health” recently in New York.

The Design Conspiracy wants to update you on its 2006.

The Tate Modern wants you to jam out.

Set phasers to RAVE. (Not for those with epilepsy.)

Find a drug lab in your neighborhood!

What child is this that is born today? A komodo dragon.

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