A Week’s Links

Here’s another dollop of cream from last week’s history, skimmed off the top of a bucket of delicious Internet milk.

Did you know International Pony made a video for “Leaving Home”? Neither did I. It’s just as whimsical as you’d imagine.

Here’s a gent who’s dressed up his obsession nicely enough to make you look past him constantly jotting down details while you’re hanging out.

Sure, you didn’t pay much attention in studies of air movement and currents. That’s why these kind Japanese scientists have gone to lengths to figure out why a fart follows you around the room, and how to avoid it.

Adios to Robert Anton Wilson, who lived a deep and touching life.

Marvel at the marvelous Moscow subway.

And finally two takes on things from down South:

I think this dude Delfin is Ecuadoran, and here’s his paean to 9/11 in the form of a love song to a girlfriend lost in the attacks.

Venezuelan Filippo Costa, a proud Caracas hot dog vendor, is becoming a cultural icon.

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