Your Queries, Answered

This is the part of the show where I take responsibility for a profound lack of updates and pick a few bits of angry mail from you, the reader, in hopes of talking myself out of this jam.

Q: Why has it been three months since you posted?

A: En route to midtown one morning I was hypnotized by a pair of twin gypsy children and forced to write their organization’s bi-weekly e-newsletter, subsisting on a thin porridge made of drywall and insect husks. They allowed me out but once, to secure them a virgin, but I just awkwardly played with my hair and gave the secret middle finger. Eventually they allowed me to pitch stories and just last week I wrote a small item on the little superstar. Upon watching the clip their hearts were filled with such love and gratitude they granted me my freedom.

Q: What is your favorite TV ad, funny/thought provoking thing on the internet, etc.?

A: Funny you should ask. These are things I write about for a magazine and a website. You can sign up for our free email newsletter to get the gist without plunking down the scrilla. The awesome Digg script sitting in this sidebar has links to nonsense I enjoy among all the fluff bandied about the web. The gypsies allowed me to access Digg, unlike Movable Type, so there’s a good backlog of stuff there. And, because clicking buttons like a chimp is much easier than scanning livejournals for the hippest neologisms and arranging them like a boss, it’s updated much more frequently.

Q: What shiny thing, true tale of exciting adventure or gratuitous plug will you provide so I forget this heinous transgression?

A: This week I’m off for Japan and I promise to bring back evidence of the sorts of oddities impressions you’d expect from a neurotic running on a speedball of extreme culture shock and nasty jet lag. In the meantime, read this story on Santo, the funniest advertising agency in Buenos Aires. Look after the break for embedded audiovisual treats by Santo. If that stuff doesn’t sate you for the two or three weeks it takes for my Tokyo tour and subsequent reintroduction to western society, check out the online home of Danica Lo or follow the adventures of Clipper Face, both destined for the Honor roll in the not-too-distant future.

This is one of the many animated spots Santo did for Coca-Cola in conjunction with the World Cup.

More Coke. This one’s in Spanish, but you should get the idea.

An elegant and enormous spot for Unilever’s Lux beauty products.

The latest work for Lux with the dirty/clean Calista.

One of my favorite campaigns of the year, for Argentina’s national broadband company.

Another I couldn’t find an english version of, but hey, you get the idea.

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