UPDATE: Last night’s meeting went great. I schlepped on about becoming a better geek, Matt from McCann introduced some tools to make anyone into a rabid Twitter fiend and James from Saatchi poked the crabby bear that is the age-old debate on advertising’s merits as art and the ethics of creative borrowing. Good times. Hopefully the ladies enjoyed as much as we did.

Here’s the presentation, along with relevant links. Any questions, feel free to contact me.


2600 magazine
Make magazine
Noah Brier on beginning to muck around with code

Geek Out
NYC Resistor (killer electronics classes)
Building a hacker space (PDF)

Paul Graham (and in Inc. Magazine).
Aaron Koblin
Caterina Fake
Robert Anton Wilson on Garbage In Garbage Out in the context of our brains
Douglas Haddow on destroying the medium as true creativity


Hrm, excuse me, ma’am:

I’m chatting with some young up-and-comers of the female digital persuasion at SheSays next week in New York–if you’re not engaged, RSVP to shesays.ny_at_gmail.com and come by.

My topic will be ‘inspiring geeks’ (hopefully we’ll touch on both senses of the phrase).

See you there?

Hey lady

This month we are taking a leaf from our London SheSays crew: we are going to conduct a scientific experiment to record the levels of anxiety when a bunch of men wearing lipstick speak to a room full of women …

…NAHHH just kidding.

But we have decided to do something different. We’ve gathered some high-caliber speakers from chromosome XY to do 15 minutes pick n mix of inspiring topics. From art vs advertising to the death of twitter, you should come and participate on the debate because you never know, you might just learn something from a man for a change : )

James Cooper – Saatchi NY – on plagiarism in advertising
Matt O’ Rourke – McCann Erickson NY – on why Twitter is in a coma
Nick Parish – Creativity Magazine – on inspiring geeks

The meeting will be on Monday, 22nd of June, at Saatchi NY at 7PM. Their offices are located at 375 Hudson Street (16th floor).

If you’d like to come to this event please RSVP to this email and feel free to pass the invite along to other women you think would like to come.

Hope to see you there so reply now!



1. Tamara’s blog. Sustainability strategist and innovation leader, Tamara Giltsoff writes for Treehugger, PSFK and Sustainablelifemedia. Check out her great insights at – http://tamaragiltsoff.com.
2. Illustrator YUE TUO who designed this month’s invite.

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