On my new gig…

I’ve got a new job! This just went out over the e-wire, and here it is now for some edification.



My term as Creativity’s associate editor has come to a close.

I’m still under the Ad Age umbrella, though, and have exciting work ahead of me.

As of next week I’m moving into a role programming and developing content around Ad Age and Creativity events–recruiting speakers, creating leading content around concepts and panel agendas, making sure everyone knows what’s coming up, etc.–as Ad Age’s events content manager.

While it’s a disappointment to see my part in the day-to-day reporting in Creativity’s exciting world diminish, I’ve got something new to be looking forward to: shaping how we interact with you, dear reader, in the live space, how we help confer knowledge and make deeper connections.

Ad Age/Creativity has so much relevance in this community, something we are reminded of daily in the outstanding support you lend to the things we make.

I’m certain we bring the same elevated level of passion, knowledge, care and craftsmanship to our event experiences as we do to our more traditional outlets.

Now it’s a matter of elevating those standards and expanding them to meet your changing needs.

So it’s with strong gratitude that I thank you for your insights, advice, tolerance (and, of course) tips as I step forth into this fun new thing.

I clasp your hand firmly and remain,