Brazil, Memes and Marketing: Favorite Characters Escape the Web

I’m not sure why Brazilian kids are more excited about the making web culture memeface style part of their outward-facing culture, but they’ve come outward in a couple interesting ways in the last few months.

The first is for a brand called Keep Cooler, a wine cooler product, which built a ‘meme maker’ site. It was a drink that needed a refresh for the younger generation, so it was relaunched using memespeech to reach kids, allowing them to build their own videos and images.

In part of this promotion, they hired rapper CauĂȘ Moura to create a song.

Meanwhile, here’s the whole case study.

The second is a company, not affiliated with Havianas, printing the brand’s sandals (“chinelos” in Portuguese) with dozens of your favorite characters on them. Evidently response was so massive the company had to let people know it wasn’t behind the printing.

What does it all meme? Why are these crossing over into mainstream Brazilian culture, and not anywhere else?

Edit: Intrepid reader Dan S. noticed Success Kid in a Virgin Media billboard the other day. Success!

Edit 2: Alex J writes to point out memefaces are a hit for this year’s carnival in Brazil as well.