Argy Bargy: The Argentine Crisis, From a Creative Perspective

Beach Freeze

It’s rough out there. The seas are roiling. Companies are folding. You don’t need more than a limited grasp of economics to know we’re in for more turmoil.

For many, though, times of prosperity aren’t all that familiar. All over the world emerging economies have made do during tumultuous years as a result of mismanagement or forces beyond their control.

Around a decade ago Argentina was dealing with similar issues, yet the show went on. In the latest Creativity I tracked down six gentlemen of advertising who were around during those years and got their take on how the crash happened, and what they learned from it.

Perhaps the most obvious (yet striking) statement? “When you see the country in flames, people getting killed on the streets and the president resigning and fleeing the government house in a helicopter, well, you don’t exactly have to be a genius to say ‘Fuck, marketing budgets are going down to zero.’” Trenchant observations from Patricio Cavalli, who’s been blogging for Ad Age recently.

But it’s not all doom and gloom–there are lessons for playing it smart in tough times, most importantly, “the ones who panicked did bad work.”

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