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ffffind something for ffffacebook

A few months ago I began a flirtation with ffffound after receiving an invite from designer Keita Kitamura. It’s a neat little image bookmarking service created by Keita and Yosuke Abe in Yugo Nakamura’s Tha ltd web design shop. Check out a bit on Yugo I did as part of the Creativity 50 to learn more about them. It’s gotten a great group of beta testers who’ve bookmarked some zany stuff out there. (Though the beta has grown rapidly and now includes lots of random photos of tits off Flickr.)

After playing around with it for a while I figured it’d be excellent if we could get the images to go on Facebook, to spice things up a bit here beyond hatching eggs and super wall videos. So I drew out a little plan of what a simple Facebook ffffound app would do.

Problem is, I’m just coping with English; communicating with Facebook’s guts is a ways away for me. Luckily super Aussie Arnold Almeida found me after a desperate post on a ffffound appreciation group here and whipped up a spiffy little app according to my basic specs. And he’s been awesome enough to maintain it through several ffffound code changes since.

If you’re on ffffound already, now’s your chance to show off all the freaky nonsense you pick up on the web to your facebook buddies. If not, the app will still work! You can put in any user, like ‘yugo’, who’s always got interesting new stuff, which will then show on your page. (Or me, ‘paryshnikov,’ but no guarantee my bookmarks are interesting or new.) Cruise around, have fun, and look at interesting images.

Written by Nick

July 18th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

Posted in Technology

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  1. I’ve been looking everywhere for an invite to start using ffffound – I don’t suppose you have a spare? I was hoping to play with it, and maybe use it in conjunction with a Drupal module for a new project…


    23 Jul 08 at 14:40

  2. Hey Tom–they’ve been pretty tight with new invites I hear, but if I happen across any I’ll holler. Your project sounds like it might be interesting.


    26 Jul 08 at 00:14

  3. hei, do you know anyone with spare invites? i’ve been trying to get one so i could register :( but none of my contacts even has account in there!


    10 Nov 08 at 12:55

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