Something to Play

You should really press play on the ‘A Conversation between Two Totally Metal Dudes: The “Tight Bros from Way Back When” Tape’ (Yeah, there’s strong language.)

This found its way to me via my friend Jimmy, who’s someone I’d imagine to be part of this type of conversation at some point. (And that’s a compliment.)

It’s a taped phone call that happened sometime pre-millennium between Derek, whom you might nicely term an acid casualty, and one of his acquaintances, Kurt, a record store employee. Jimmy of course would be Kurt, not the acid casualty.

The whole thing gave me the youthful mirth of a good natured prank phone call, where both sides are in on the joke and just batting silliness back and forth. You might think ‘Silliness? This guy’s crazy and violent!’ And you would have a point. But I also get the sense it’s just a funny game. Proof the Grateful Dead are Satanists, epic Roger Waters guitar licks, Terry the heroin user and the $20 over the bolt cutters. Man, what a world.