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Flashback…October 15, 1984

JLB Jamming the Strong Songs

97.9 FM in Detroit has long been home to WJLB, one of the finer R&B/’urban contemporary’ radio stations in the country. While kicking around on the excellent Detroit Radio Flashbacks I found the website featured weekly charts, “hip pocket surveys,” for much of 1984-85. These were the final years legendary DJ The Electrifying Mojo was at the station, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at what was getting played just about 25 years ago. I mostly missed the Mojo era, but JLB was a hugely influential radio station for me; it played loads of local records and was one of my first exposures to live turntablism, with a party/booty show every Friday night. So, I hope you enjoy these tunes. There are some hometown favorites here, stuff that stayed pretty local, and things from the last throes of Motown. Not surprisingly, Rochester Hills’ own Madonna is the only white performer on the list. Also not surprisingly, Prince, a Mojo favorite, appears a few times, both in his own work and through Apollonia 6 and Vanity. Pardon the dodgy embeds, Most of the record companies don’t like it enabled on their YouTube offerings…

24. You Get The Best From Me – Alicia Myers

23. We Don’t Work For Free – Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five

No video…but here’s a taste of the song.

22. The Jacksons – Torture

21. Tonight – Ready For The World

20. The Last Time I Made Love – Joyce Kennedy & Jeffrey Osborne

19. Solid – Ashford & Simpson

Ashford & Simpson – Solid
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18. Sex Shooter – Apollonia 6

17. Set It Out – Midway

Midway – Set It Out
Found at Set It Out on KOhit.net

16. Pretty Mess – Vanity

Vanity – Pretty Mess
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15. Lucky Star – Madonna

14. Look The Other Way – Isley Jasper & Isley

Isley Jasper Isley – Look The Other Way (Official Music Video)Funny videos are here

13. Let It All Blow – Dazz Band

12. Jungle Love – The Time

The Time – Jungle Love (morris Day)
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11. I’ve Been Watching You (Jamie’s Girl) – Randy Hall

10. I Promise (I Do Love You) – Dreamboy

I Promise (I Do Love You) – Dreamboy

9. I Owe It To Myself – Prime Time

8. I Feel For You – Chaka Khan

7. Friends b/w Five Minutes of Funk – Whodini

6. Fast Life – Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

5. Erotic City b/w Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

Prince doesn’t like his songs living free on the web. I’m sure you know these by heart anyway, right?

4. Cool It Now – New Edition

New Edition – Cool it now
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3. Computer Age (Push the Button) – Newcleus

2. Centipede – Rebbie Jackson

1. AJ Scratch – Kurtis Blow

What do you think, there are six more charts to close out ’84, should we count ’em down? Let me know in the comments.

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