When life gives you lemons…

…take a Tylenol. Though hopefully not even Johnson & Johnson is crass enough to tout this advantage.

It sure ain’t often fate offers you this easy an out, folks.

From The Onion

This What World Like Now

BOSTON—After Monday’s horrific terror attack at the Boston Marathon that killed three and left hundreds injured, officials confirmed Tuesday that the bombings and senseless violence that followed occurred primarily because this is the kind of world we live in now.

To Psychological Science

Anxious About Life and Afraid of Death? Tylenol May Do the Trick, Study Suggests

The study builds on recent American research that found acetaminophen — the generic form of Tylenol — can successfully reduce the non-physical pain of being ostracized from friends. The UBC team sought to determine whether the drug had similar effects on other unpleasant experiences — in this case, existential dread.In the study, participants took acetaminophen or a placebo while performing tasks designed to evoke this kind of anxiety — including writing about death or watching a surreal David Lynch video — and then assign fines to different types of crimes, including public rioting and prostitution.Compared to a placebo group, the researchers found the people taking acetaminophen were significantly more lenient in judging the acts of the criminals and rioters — and better able to cope with troubling ideas. The results suggest that participants’ existential suffering was “treated” by the headache drug.