eBay Nowness: eBay Now comes to New York City


I caught this new one for eBay Now in the subway coming home from work yesterday and at first glance I wasn’t quite sure what was offered. Was it a move rental service? Is eBay yet another company trying to rent me a film online?

Nope. On second look its the proposition you use eBay Now to buy a flatscreen and a carnival-style popcorn machine to guarantee success on a date. Huh.

Good old eBay, haven for bargain compulsive shoppers has become a momentary dropshipper for those same folks. Now, take that itchy trigger finger that bought 1,000 copies of the Billy Ripken “fuck face” card for an art project (that never panned out) and apply it to home electromics and durable goods.

Funnily enough (and maybe showing how out of it I am) when we chatted about this in the office one of our Contagious folks mentioned her friend using the service to buy, you guessed it, a flatscreen. The reason? Because she could be sure it would be delivered ASAP. It came 25 minutes later. So, like pizza delivery, maybe it’s less about fast and more about control.