SXSW Screenprinting

Contagious will be representing next week in Austin for SXSW Interactive1 and we decided to print up some T-shirts to give out to friends and allies. We thought about just sending our logo and specs off to a printer, but what about making our own awesome shirts? And checking on colors and things? My awesome […]

Austin, again and again

I was in Austin for SXSW Interactive for the fourth time this year (see previous japes). I guess that’s enough to be considered worthy of telling others what to do. So Emily and I did. I cribbed tips liberally from Rick and Marcelino. I don’t normally traffic in superlatives, but the best panel I went […]

JWT Interview

The fine people of advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, who recently hosted a week of panels and presentations for Social Media Week, asked me a few questions in anticipation of a chat we did about social games on Monday.1 Here they are; there’s more from others over at their AdGeek blog. That penultimate answer is […]

About me – Contact Nick

  Hi! I’m a writer and editor, culturally a Michigander, geographically a Portlander (OR). Should you wish to contact me, or learn about stuff I’ve worked on, you’re in the right place. Most of my day-to-day work revolves around thinking and writing about how technology impacts culture and the systems we humans build to encourage […]